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some recent Cult TV blog posts

The Sentimental Agent (1963) - delightful quirky and often whimsical ITC action adventure series about an import-export agent who always seems to get mixed up in crime, espionage or intrigue.

Francis Durbridge Presents A Game of Murder (1966) - very entertaining well-crafted six-part mystery/suspense serial.

Moonbase 3 (1973) - gritty, realistic and psychoilkogically intense science fiction series from the Doctor Who producer-script editor team of Barry Letts and Terrance Dick.

Callan, The Richmond File (1972) - the brilliant trilogy that brought the great spy series to its conclusion.

The Search for the Nile (1971) - excellent BBC historical docu-drama about the search for the source of the Nile. Much more entertaining than you’d think!